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Utilising the capacity of the Arctic Region

99 % of Norways power production is hydro based and with a huge surplus of power.  This makes the pricing of power the most favourable in the world.

Norway is a politically stable, modern and highly developed country with a very strong economy. The Norwegian economy is characterized by being open and mixed, with a combination of private and public ownership.

Norway has always been open to foreign investments. There are about 6000 foreign-owned limited companies in Norway with many additional branch offices. Foreign companies represent about 25% of all value-creation in Norway and about 20% of the employment. Norway had a strong growth of foreign investments during the last decade, compared to many other countries.

Norway is not a member of the European Union, but Norway is part og the Inner Market through the EEA agreement, hence Norwegian companies have equal opportunities as those with EU membership.


10 reasons for doing business in Norway

  1. Rich in natural resources like oil and gas,  marine resources, surplus of emission-free hydropower and forest resources.
  2. Strong economy, 2nd highest gdp pr. Capita in Europe, high purchasing power and the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund.
  3. World class industries within oil and gas, energy, maritime and the seafood sector.
  4. Easy to do business; among top 10 of 180 countries on the Ease of Doing Business ranking.
  5. Competitive; ranked among the best on the World Competitiveness Scoreboard.
  6. Innovative work place; flat structures, a competent work force and egalitarian values stimulate innovation.
  7. Country of choice for R&D; close cooperation between the industry and R&D with 40 government funded clusters.
  8. Great place to live; Norway ranked first on the annual Human Development Index for several consecutive years.
  9. Network of airports; more than 50 airports with regular traffic makes it easy to reach out in the entire country
  10. Open, stable and predictable; political stability and a transparent political system make a competitive investment climate.

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Kjell Ivar Hansen, Director

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